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About Relationship Counselling and Psychosexual Therapy Cheltenham. Marriage Guidance and Couple Counselling Gloucestershire.

Relationship Counselling Cheltenham and Gloucester.

I am based in Cheltenham.. A call or an e mail is all it will take to get you the Relationship Counselling help you need.

If you sometimes feel that life is too complicated and you don't know which way to turn, Relationship Counselling can help. I offer an initial consultation to determine your needs and then either short or longer-term counselling. I am experienced in working with both couples and individuals and can help with the following:

  • Relationship issues- Communication difficulties- How to stop rowing and start listening to each other
  • Sharing domestic responsibilities
  • Sharing financial planning
  • Healing after an affair
  • Parenting problems
  • Life Changes
  • Work-related issues
  • Sexual difficulties including: erectile disorder, loss of desire, vaginismus, problems with ejaculation and difficulty in achieving orgasm.

    Feedback I have received from clients has included the following: " I am so much clearer now about what the key issues are for me, and I can see a way forward" and " We now have a better understanding of what causes us to feel distant towards each other- we had got ourselves into a negative spiral, and now we can see what has been going wrong for so long" Sometimes couples need help after they have decided to separate. As one couple told me: "You have helped us to listen to one another so that we can hear what is actually being said. Learning how to really communicate has made a very difficult process much easier for ourselves, and for our children"

    At the end of Relationship Counselling you are likely to have a greater understanding of the origins of your difficulties, and to have developed strategies to manage future issues as they arise.

    These are just some of the issues clients have asked for help with (real names have not been used)

    James (42) has had several unsuccessful relationships over a period of years. He wants to understand what has gone wrong and what he really needs from potential partners.

    Simon and Edward have been together for 5 years. Lately Simon has been wanting to go out socialising more frequently than before, and Edward is worried that Simon is wanting to meet other partners. Things have been cool between them lately and they don't seem able to talk without rowing.

    Susan and Peter have been married for 20 years and realise that now that the children are growing up they have little in common and have grown apart. They are rowing too often and spending hardly any time together.

    Mark and Sally have been married for 10 years and have three children. They are finding that they have sex very infrequently, and when they do, they are both left feeling dissatisfied and unhappy. They are unable to talk to each other about the problems.

    Ann ( 38) has problems getting on with people at work. She has already left two jobs because she felt isolated and misunderstood by her colleagues. She is single, and would like to find a partner but has recently moved, and doesn't know any other gay people where she now lives.

    Tony and Alison have been together for 18 years and have three children aged between 8 and 15. They are having real problems in managing their 15 year old who is bullying the younger children and staying out too late at night. Now they are finding that their relationship is being affected, and they are constantly arguing.

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