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Who are my clients?

Sex Therapy, Couple Counselling and Marriage Guidance Gloucestershire

I am an experienced and qualified Relate practitioner, and also have a Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy. I have extensive experience in working with individuals, (adults and children), couples and families, and I employ a variety of counselling styles, depending on the needs of the client. I am comfortable working with clients of any sexual orientation, and have had considerable experience with gay and bisexual clients as well as heterosexuals. I have also worked for many years in schools and colleges advising staff and parents on the management of pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties, so can support parents struggling with teenagers or trying to cope with toddlers.

If you are gay it may be helpful to know that of the many gay clients I have seen, without exception, I have had very positive feedback from them. I have worked with both gay men and women and seen individuals as well as couples. My approach is to provide a safe space where clients can work towards solutions with the help of an empathetic and supportive listener.

Whatever your sexual orientation, and whether you are in a relationship or not, I can work with you to discover how you can take a new look at whatever is troubling you and develop ways of gaining new perspectives. I have extensive experience also in helping clients deal with parenting problems, life change issues and work problems. I have a Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy, so can offer help with a range of sexual difficulties. A couple whose counselling ended recently wrote the following: "When we went to Emer, after more than 30 years of marriage, even talking about our sexual relationship had become a minefield. Emer made it safe to start again. She gave us the tools to get out of difficulty and helped us appreciate that we did, in fact, have a very strong relationship. Going to Emer was the soundest investment we ever made!"

If you are having problems within your relationship, Relationship Counselling can help. I can offer a range of counselling and therapy styles, depending on your needs, working with either individuals or couples. I also have many years experience in counselling children and young people. If as parents, you are finding your adolescent child difficult to understand, or communicate with, I can help with a range of practical strategies. If communication between yourself and your partner has broken down I can help you to begin talking and really listening to each other. It may be that your relationship is coming to an end. If this is the case, I can help you to work together to make your separation as positive as possible, both for yourselves and for your children.

Marriage Guidance Gloucestershire with Emer could give you the strategies you need to help your marriage to thrive and flourish.

Who are my clients?. finaldec10

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