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Sex Therapy

Sexual difficulties are more common than many people realise, and Sex Therapy (Psychosexual Therapy) offers clients a programme which has a very high success rate. For couples and individuals, heterosexual, bisexual and gay, sex therapy provides clients with new ways of developing their sex lives which in turn can solve even long-standing problems. Some of the difficulties clients ask for help with include:

  • Erectile problems
  • Vaginismus (discomfort for the woman during intercourse)
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Problems in reaching orgasm for men or women
  • Loss of desire

    Some examples (with names changed) of my sex therapy practice in Highgate include:

    John and Susan

    John and Susan have been married for 10 years and have 3 children. Since the birth of their youngest child three years ago, they had had very little sex, and when they did attempt it, John's erection was unreliable. He worked very long hours and often felt that Susan wouldn't notice if he didn't come home at night. Susan was sure that John didn't find her sexually attractive anymore.

    John and Susan came for an initial consultation and between us we agreed that the pressures of work and family life were taking their toll on John's confidence. They were both feeling anxious about initiating sex, and needed to get back to basics and discover new ways of love-making that would take away the anxiety and restore the closeness they had once had. After just a few sessions they both felt reassured that their problems were solvable and they finished sex therapy both feeling confident and with John's erectile problems a thing of the past.

    James and Peter

    James and Peter have been in a relationship for three years. Over the past few months Peter seems to have lost interest in sex. He often goes to bed either very late, or early, and is asleep when James gets to bed. James is aware that Peter is less interested in love-making lately, and he would like to talk about it but Peter refuses to discuss anything to do with sex.

    James and Peter agreed that they needed someone who could help them to understand what they were both feeling about their sexual relationship. When they came for an initial session, it became clear that Peter has been feeling uncertain about the relationship for some time, and worried that James was tiring of him. He wanted to tell James that for him sex needed to be loving as well as exciting, but was worried that James would think he was being needy. They came for a course of sex therapy, and learnt how to communicate with one another about their needs, both emotionally and sexually.


    Paul is 22 and so far had only had one sexual relationship. This ended suddenly, and he was worried that it was because he wasn't able to control his ejaculation, so that sex never lasted very long. He had become very anxious about this, and was worried that the same thing would happen when he met someone else. He is very shy.

    Paul was nervous about asking for sex therapy, but after an initial session, he felt comfortable and after only six sessions, was able to learn how to relax sexually, and to develop much better ejaculatory control. He now feels confident about meeting a new partner.


    Maria had been married for two years and she and her husband wanted to start a family. However, when they tried to have intercourse, Maria found it very painful, and the problem had been getting worse with each attempt, so that lately penetration had been impossible.

    Because Maria had begun to associate penetration with extreme discomfort, she was unable to relax during love-making. After a programme of sex therapy, she and her husband are now enjoying their sex life and are expecting their first baby.

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